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Hershey's has two 99.9% decaffeinated hot chocolate mixes.   Both mixes are sweetened with sugar.  Hershey's Good Night Hugs is the white chocolate version and Hershey's Good Night Kisses is the milk chocolate version.  I usually like milk chocolate better than white chocolate, but in this case I like the Hugs white chocolate version better than the Kisses milk chocolate version.   The product is a bit hard to find, but you can buy it at


To see Hershey's Goodnight Hugs, click here.

To see Hershey's Goodnight Kissesclick here.



Yoo-Hoo has a chocolate drink product which is sweetened with sugar for those who want to avoid caffeine.  Yoo-Hoo regular chocolate drink is 99% decaffeinated and says so on the packaging.   Please note, only the regular chocolate drink is decaffeinated, not the light version.     

To see Yoo-Hoo Chocolate Drink,  click here.    


Ross White Chocolate Bars

Ross White Chocolate Bars are sweetened with maltitol and have no sugar added.  They are dairy kosher-certified  and are low in carbohydrates.  Each white chocolate bar states that it is caffeine free on the packaging. 


To order Ross White Chocolate Bars, click here.


There is a product called WonderCocoa, which is a baking cocoa powder that is advertised to be 99.7% caffeine free.  When I used it to make chocolate pudding, I did not have any adverse reactions to it.   But, when I used it to make brownies (which had a higher concentration of the cocoa), then I felt severe anxiety.  Someone else had emailed me and told me they had an adverse reaction to this product.   But, not everyone has an adverse reaction to it.  Amazon sells it in 12 can and 3 can packages, but the 3 can packages never seem to be in stock.


To see the 12 can package version of Wonder Cocoa, click here.  



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